If there's one foodstuff that's guaranteed to cause an argument, it's pizza with pineapple on top. And if there's one place they're strict about the rules of pizza, it's Naples. So serving Neapolitans Hawaiian pizza.... that takes a brave individual.

A prank video from Italy's Fanpage.it shows exactly how much inhabitants of this southern Italian region despise the sacrilegious meal, and that you'd better not mess with their pizza order. For the uninitiated, one classic cliche about the Neapolitan region: its inhabitants think there can only be two types of pizza: margherita and marinara.

The video, produced by Luca Iavarone and uploaded to Fanpage.it's Youtube channel, depicts an actor posing as a pizza delivery guy taking some orders from an unnamed restaurant, then topping the original pizza with round slices of pineapple before getting on his way to the deliveries.

Upon arrival, the prankster presents different patrons with pizza boxes, saying: "Here's your pineapple pizza". The clients are not here for it at all. Their original surprise soon turns to anger, which they take out on the poor actor.

"Hey, what is this?" ask one, opening the box to discover the pineapple slices.

"Here in Naples, the Neapolitan pizza is the margherita!" argues another, getting gradually more and more angry at the delivery.

"Must we always do like the Americans?" complains another dissatisfied customer.

The actor says:"Hey, we eat sushi, we dance to reggaeton, now we eat pineapple on pizzas." One man answers with passion: "I'm still dancing the tarantella, [a traditional folk dance from Naples] I'm still eating margherita and marinara!"

The customers eventually request to talk to the manager, even when the delivery guy says he will be fired if they don't accept the pizza he brought them.

"Otherwise, I'll throw it to your face and goodnight to you," says one particularly infuriated customer.

Things escalate when various customers actually throw the pineapple pizza at the actor's face, with one woman even trying to beat him up.

Thankfully, all the customers are appeased when another actor comes with their rightful order: a margherita or a marinara.

The video ends with a quote from Italian singer-songwriter Pino Daniele, which reads: "Eat a pizza with tomatoes on it, you'll see the world smile at you."

For more inhabitants of The Boot getting angry at alterations made to their cuisine, be sure to check out the Twitter account 'italians mad at food', a compilation of citizens from Valle d'Aosta to Ragusa being incensed at Americans putting butter on bruschetta.

Pineapple on pizza is as popular in Naples as Gonzalo Higuaín MIRA OBERMAN/AFP/Getty Images