Just days before a New Yorker was fatally mauled by a shark in Maine, United States, TJ Minutillo captured a large bull shark in New York. Minutillo and his friends caught the massive eight-foot long shark before eventually releasing it. The angler's catch was about 400 miles from where Julie Dimperio Holowach was attacked by another shark. Researchers pointed out that large sharks are frequenting the east coast. Authorities continue to try and track the sharks coming close to shore.

The 21-year-old Clemson University student had been fishing at Nickerson Beach, New York earlier this month. The experienced angler and his friends managed to pull the 400-pound shark onto the shore. Bull sharks are usually highly aggressive. The group safely caught the shark, took some pictures with it and released it back into the water.

On Instagram, Minutillo shared images of his catch. He claims that he has been fishing since the age of three. While the capture of the large bull shark was a rarity, he claims to have caught around 300 smaller sharks over the years.

According to the New York Post, Minutillo said that seeing a great white would be "really cool." Speaking about the recent death of his fellow New Yorker via shark attack, Minutillo said that such incidents are concerning. He pointed out that sharks are generally not interested in harming humans and shark attacks are "freak" incidents.

The attack that took the life of Holowach on Monday, July 27, was the first fatal shark attack in Maine. Before the unfortunate incident, the last shark attack in the state was back in 2010.

The retired fashion executive was reportedly living her dream life before it came to an abrupt end, Holowach was swimming off Bailey Island in Harpswell with her daughter when she was attacked. The shark that attacked the 63-year-old woman flung her body into the air. Even though she was helped onto the shore and received emergency medical attention, Holowach passed away on the beach. Her daughter was unharmed.

A tooth found on her body confirmed the killer shark to be a great white. Authorities in both Maine and New York are monitoring the coast to keep track of sharks coming close to beaches.

Bull shark
A massive bull-shark was caught by the 21-year-old angler. (representational image) Getty Images