The frightening moment a boy narrowly escaped four sharks as they rushed towards him in the water was captured by a drone.

The footage shows a pristine beach in the Bahamas overlooking a beautiful turquoise sea, while a group of tourists relax on sunbeds as they take in the sunny weather. Shortly afterwards, the video shows the boy rushing into the sea, without even looking at the water ahead of him.

As he splashes around in the sea, the boy can then be seen swimming straight into the path of four sharks, completely unaware of the danger around him.

As the sharks began to circle around the boy, Artem Tkachenko, who was operating the drone that captured the dramatic sequence, started shouting to attract the child's attention, urging him to escape the water.

"Thank God he heard me," Tkachenko was quoted as saying in the Daily Mail.

The child can then be seen running out of the water as he manages to escape unscathed, despite the four sharks trailing closely behind him.

Shark attacks are not uncommon in the Bahamas and in the Caribbean. In May last year, Tiffany Johnson was snorkelling with her husband James off Nassau while on a cruise when she felt a tug on her right arm.

Her husband had returned to the boat and she was only 10 feet away admiring coral reef, in an area where sharks had never been seen before, when the attack happened.

Johnson, a mother-of-three who lives in North Carolina, pulled her arm free but half of it stayed in the shark's mouth. She quickly swam away, met by her husband who had jumped back into the water when he saw it turning red with blood. They made a tourniquet out of a beach towel, the only suitable thing on the boat, and made the 30-minute trip back to the island.