"The Young and the Restless" upcoming episodes offer immense drama and action for fans. A lot is happening and there won't be a single dull moment in Genoa City. Phyllis will create issues between Summer and Kyle, Elena's guilt begins to build up, and Chance's truth is on the verge of coming out. Here are spoilers for episodes airing from Oct. 12 to 16. Read on to find out what happens next.

[Warning: Spoilers ahead!]

When the show opens next week, Phyllis is going to point fingers at Kyle, according to Soap.com. She will be accusing Kyle of something that is expected to create a divide between him and Summer. Meanwhile, Chloe is concerned about Chelsea and asks her to break ties with Adam. And Rey has an exciting proposal coming his way.

As the show progresses, Elena starts to feel the burden of her guilt. As she tries to conceal her secrets, she feels the urge to break free. Paul comes closer to discover Adam and Chance's truth about their trip to Vegas. And Lily comes clean to Amanda and continues to keep a watch on Billy and his sinister acts.

Elsewhere, Kyle is trying to protect a big secret. It seems its time he must give it up. There's good news for Sharon. She goes through the surgery and comes out of it safely. She hopes to hear an important update about her health.

Later in the week, Victor's fatherly side comes out when things get complicated for Adam. He goes out of the way to help his son. Nick tries to play peacemaker between Phyllis and Victoria.

Towards the end of the week, when Jack finds himself in a tricky situation, Lauren comes to her rescue. And Nikki is disheartened to learn that Ashley is closer to Victor than herself.

More spoilers from the website reveal that "The Bold and the Beautiful" veteran Sally Spectra is coming to Genoa City, next week.

The young and the restless
The young and the restless Sonja Flemming/CBS

"The Young and the Restless" airs from Monday to Friday at 12.30 PM on CBS.