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Passengers queue up in lines to board trains through waiting hall of Hankou Railway Station Reuters

A young woman has died in a freak accident after tripping over her own wheelie suitcase and getting her neck jammed in a fence in China.

The female had alighted a bus when she fell forwards and landed directly in a narrow gap at the top of the white metal fence and suffocated to death within minutes.

The unnamed woman, who hailed from the city of Hankou in China's central Hubei province, choked to death with her throat trapped in the tiny metal gap, which has been described as no wider than an adult's palm.

Upsetting images obtained by The Mirror show the woman's silver luggage lying on the ground underneath her leg as she remains trapped in the fence. Onlookers are seen standing across the road and watching the ordeal.

Local media claim she tripped over the suitcase but others report that she slipped on the wet ground shortly after getting off the bus.

The victim – whose identity had not been disclosed as investigations continue – was dressed in a light-coloured coat, a hat and black sunglasses, and was confirmed dead at the scene by paramedics.

Authorities have claimed that the horrific tragedy took place next to Hankou's Leiyuan bus stop. They say that the woman attempted to cross the road by jumping over the short pedestrian barrier instead of taking the zebra crossing.

Despite emergency services dismantling part of the fence to free her, it was sadly too late as the woman had already stopped breathing and died.