Virtual Reality Damir Sagolj/Reuters

Virtual Reality has got a boost with Google launching its 360-degrees live-stream videos on YouTube. These videos will be powered with spatial audio to give the ultimate VR experience by combining both video and audio elements.

YouTube already has support for 360-degree videos that it launched more than a year ago in March 2015. This launch assumes significance now, as users can experience live-stream in VR — that means with support from broadcasters you can watch your favourite artist performing at a concert or your favourite sport star playing right in front of you.

Announcing the launch on its blog, the company said:

The company also announced the live-stream of the much-hyped music concert Coachella, in this format. So, fans around the world who cannot attend the festival can still enjoy the experience and have a feeling of being present there. However, live streaming will be available for the performance of select artists only.

If you are trying out the feature on a laptop, remember that you will have to adjust your perspective. But if you are watching on your smartphone or VR headset, no adjustment is needed as changes in viewpoint correspond to the movements of the device being used.

To kick-start your experience, YouTube has offered a great playlist of videos with the spatial audio feature to show the difference. Click here to see the playlist.