Zoe Williams
Columnist Zoe Williams tackles British politics and the "terrible" government in her new book, Get It Together - Why We Need Better Politics Zoe Williams

Columnist and left-wing supporter Zoe Williams is tackling everything that is right and wrong with today's government in her new book Get It Together - Why We Deserve Better Politics, which has been described as "everything comedian Russell Brand has tried to say" in his quest to challenge Parliament.

The 41-year-old, who writes for The Guardian, hosted a talk at Foyles in central London alongside comedian Viv Groskop on 7 April, where she discussed her latest book, hailed as a "call-to-arms" for the "terrible" UK government, ahead of the general election in May.

Williams predicts that the only way to reform politics is to take inspiration from the Spanish government by dissolving all parties and building a socialist group from scratch.

At the talk, the writer explained: "I think ideas are resurging and that will come out... in the London mayoral elections. There's so much radical politics going on in London, it would not at all be surprising to me if they got a socialist mayor [similar to] how New York got a socialist mayor. You build it not from a long time but from a lot of people."

The author also told the IBTimes UK that "young people are not apathetic" towards politics and noted that their generation are "angry" about issues such as housing and education.

"There are [issues with] student debt, access to further education, housing – who is sold on that? Nobody is! I prefer the [younger generation] to my lot. They are doing a lot of activism and they are much angrier. That is what we need," Williams said.

Although a long-time supporter of Labour, the British writer was quick to state that she is "not defending" the party and admitted that it does not have anyone whom she views as a strong leader, describing Ed Miliband as a "good person in a bad position".

Despite her concerns about the future of British politics, Williams admitted that there is "a lot of good in the government", before joking that her book isn't entirely "negative".

Zoe Williams' Get It Together - Why We Deserve Better Politics is out now.