Isis young killer
The latest Isis propaganda video appears to show a boy aged about 10 shooting Israeili Arab Muhammad Musallam who the group accused of spying for Mossad Youtube

The latest propaganda video to be released by Islamic State (also known as Isis or Isil) appears to show a boy of about 10 shooting an Israeli Arab dead after he "confesses" to being a spy.

The video is in two parts and is extremely sophisticated even by the standards of Isis videos, including re-enactments of key events, zoom-ins and other special effects.

In the first part, the Israeli, Muhammad Musallam, who was captured by the group last month, is shown making a confession published in the group's English-language magazine Dabiq recently. He wears an orange jumpsuit and is sat in what appears to be an office.

Almost certainly under extreme duress, Musallam "claims" to have been recruited by a Jewish neighbour to spy for Mossad and report back on Isis's weapons, bases and Palestinian connections. He also claims his father and brother encouraged him to spy for Israel.

Speaking in Arabic, Musallam says in the first part of the video: "I tell my father and my son: Repent to God. I say to the spies who spy on Islamic State: You will not be successful, they will expose you."

Musallam's family deny he was an Israeli spy, saying he disappeared when supposedly visiting Turkey as a tourist.

An Israeli official said: "He went on his own initiative, without his family's knowledge." Asked if that meant he was denying Musallam was a spy for Israel the official said: "You can understand it that way, yes."

Isis young lion2
The latest Isis video features special effects including this transformation of the background into Jerusalem's skyline Youtube

In the second half of the video Musallam is marched into a field by Isis soldiers including the young boy, referred to as one of the Isis "cubs of the caliphate."

An older man speaking in French refers to the kosher supermarket massacre in Paris, saying: "Oh Jews, indeed Allah has gifted us with killing your followers in your own stronghold in France."

After the older man refers to spies and Allah, the boy walks to the front of the hostage and points his gun. He appears to shoot several times, though there has been speculation the trigger may have been pulled by an older figure. The death is shown in extreme close-up and extreme slow-motion.

The video then shows the young boy standing over the dead man, while behind him Jerusalem's skyline appears with a voice-over saying: "And our eyes are on Jerusalem."

Chillingly, the video then again shows the father and brother of the executed Israeli Arab, as well as a number of others described as Mossad spies, apparently showing the location of their homes. The message seems implicit.