The 100 season 4
Bellamy and Octavia in The 100 season 3 The CW

Blake siblings, Bellamy and Octavia had a difficult run in The 100 season 3. Bellamy siding with Pike in his anti-grounder policies resulted in the death of Octavia's lover Lincoln and this event severely strained their relationship.

However, in the last few episodes of season 3, the Blake siblings teamed up to defeat Alie, but Octavia was still not ready to forgive her brother. In season 3 finale, after Clarke pulled the kill switch on Alie and ended her reign, Octavia pulled out a sword and killed Pike, and walked out of there. With Pike dead and the end of the world threat looming, fans assumed that reconciliation was on the cards for the Blake siblings in season 4.

Bob Morley, who recently attended the Phonic Comic-Conis also hopeful that Bellamy and Octavia will reconnect in the upcoming season. He said, "Bellamy had a feeling it was getting to that. Hopefully they reconnect and she lets him in."

"Marie [Marie Avgeropoulos] and I would like their relationship to get past just Bellamy saying 'You can't do this,' and Octavia being like, 'I can!'," he teased.

Avgeropoulos also spoke to IGN about Octavia and Bellamy's reaction and shared, "She's at odds with her own brother because Octavia and Bellamy were sort of enemies this season because he was on Pike's side and he was faced with a lot of difficult decisions."

The actress teased a tough season 4 and said, "She's always in conflict about what to do [and] at the end of the day she's at conflict with the decision of family. Bellamy's the only family Octavia has. It's going to be tough for her next season."

The 100 season 4 returns in 2017 with Clarke, Bellamy and Kane dealing with a possible nuclear apocalypse threatening to wipe out humanity, yet again.