Over 20 million people in the UK watched Usain Bolt confirm his status as an Olympic legend by retaining the gold medal he won in Beijing in a time of 9.63 seconds. But the race was almost ruined when a 34 year old man, Ashley Gill-Webb, threw a bottle behind Bolt just before the gun went off.

This is what Olympics organiser Seb Coe had to say about the incident. "It is not just unacceptable at an Olympic Games, it is unacceptable at any sports venue. And the guy was removed, anybody who does that in future will be removed, so there is a zero tolerance to anything like that."

The perpetrator, who is believed to have been drunk, did not get off lightly either. The woman standing behind him was Dutch Judoka Edith Bosch, who used her skills to hit Gill-Webb on the back with the flat of her hand.

"It was actually poetic justice that they did actually happen to be sitting next to a judo player"

Gill-Webb has since been charged with a public order offence.

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