William the Conqueror lived up to his name and triumphed over King Harold, in a restaging of the clash memorialised in the Bayeux Tapestry that changed the course of British History.

The annual event, held on the site of the original clash at Battle, near Hastings, drew an especially large crowd - thanks to high levels of interest in the anniversary year.

The significant date was marked by the 1066 march, organised by English Heritage.

Beginning at Clifford's Tower in York on 25 September, participants travelled by foot and on horseback, all dressed in traditional medieval dress, following the journey King Harold made to fight in the battle.

In the final week of the journey, the group of reenactors made their way through central London into Kent and through the Weald to East Sussex, before arriving for the annual re-enactment in Battle.

Meanwhile, keen Battle of Hastings fans were adding their own interpretations of events on social media: