Member of US SWAT team. Reuters

A 107-year-old man was shot dead by a Swat team after holding two people at gunpoint in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, on Saturday.

"When they arrived, they were able to determine that an aggravated assault had occurred against two people at the residence," Lt David Price for Pine Bluff Police said.

The two victims were led away, and suspect Monroe Isadore holed himself up in a bedroom, firing a shot through the door that injured no one.

Officers called an elite Special Weapons and Tactics (Swat) team to help them negotiate with Isadore.

They managed to place a camera in the room, allowing them to establish that Isadore had a handgun.

When negotiations failed, police poured gas into the room and Isadore shot at them.

Police then threw a 'distraction device' into the room and stormed it. When Isadore fired more rounds at them, they shot him dead.

According to CBS, a police statement said: "Swat inserted gas into the room, after it was evident negotiations were unsuccessful, in hopes Isadore would surrender peacefully.

"When the gas was inserted into the room, Isadore fired rounds at the Swat officers that had inserted the gas from outside a bedroom window.

"Shortly afterwards, a Swat entry team, inside the residence, breached the door to the bedroom and threw a distraction device into the bedroom. Isadore then began to fire on the entry team and the entry team engaged Isadore, killing him."

According to the latest census, taken in 2010, there were 53,000 people over 100 living in the US. Only 8% of them were older than 104.