Medics in Coari, Brazil were shocked when they discovered that a 13-year-old, admitted with abdominal pain, was seven months pregnant. Luana Ketlen did not survive after giving birth to her son prematurely. It was discovered that Ketlen's father had impregnated her and had been abusing her since she was nine. Tome Faba was arrested after he went on the run. He was later arrested and a court found him guilty of child abuse and manslaughter.

Family members supposedly knew about Ketlen's abuse by her father, according to Coari police chief, José Barradas. The abuse became known when Ketlen discovered she was five months pregnant. Ketlen's family encouraged her to reveal who had raped her. Ketlen, who was recalled as "innocent and immature" by a family member, finally revealed that her father was her rapist.

Ketlen told her aunt that when she was made to go fishing with her father, the man raped her. On one such occasion, Faba impregnated his daughter. Ketlen's mother refused to believe her claims. Faba threatened that he would kill Ketlen if she or other family members tried to report the incident to social services.

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13-year-old died giving birth after her father raped and impregnated her. iStock

The Daily Mail reported that before the concerned family members were able to report the rapist, Ketlen's health deteriorated. The acutely anaemic teenager was rushed to Coari regional hospital when she suffered abdominal pains on December 11. Forced by her deteriorating condition, doctors induced labour.

After giving birth to a boy prematurely, Ketlen's health declined rapidly. Low blood pressure, water retention in the lungs, and cirrhosis of the liver threatened Ketlen's life. Doctors decide to send Ketlen to Manaus, the Amazonas state capital, some 363 km. away to a specialist hospital. However, while being airlifted, Ketlen passed away.

Faba went on the run after the Coari police started their hunt for the incestuous paedophile. Faba was arrested and brought to court on December 27. A court found Faba guilty of child abuse as well as manslaughter.

While some members of the family denied knowing about Ketlen's abuse, others tried to step in and help her. The police informed the media that the premature baby boy was doing well in the hospital. However, it is unknown who will be given custody of the child once he is fit to leave the hospital.