A young father has been charged with murder in Pennsylvania after authorities say he repeatedly shook, threw and dropped his five-month-old daughter while she was in his care.

Zion Isaiah Shockley was charged with first-degree murder after an investigation into his daughter Rosalie's death found she had suffered abusive head trauma on multiple occasions, Chester County District Attorney Thomas P. Hogan said.

In a news release, Hogan said investigators had ruled out other possible causes for the child's death and that Shockley had been Rosalie's primary caretaker when she died. He shared custody with the child's mother.

"An infant can not defend herself," Hogan said. "A baby can not run away or call for help. A five-month old can not tell people what is happening to her. A baby is the most vulnerable and innocent victim possible. Now it is our job to do what this baby could not, and deliver justice to the killer."

The criminal complaint against Shockley states that authorities responded to an address in Coatsville to a report of a five-month-old female in cardiac arrest. Despite the efforts of medical professionals, Rosalie died two days later.

Authorities said that while in hospital, Rosalie was found to have chronic and acute intracranial hemorrhages and extensive bilateral retinal hemorrhages throughout all layers of the retina which they explained to mean "she was bleeding from the brain and eyes."

The injuries were said to be consistent with recent and ongoing abuse. Investigations by police and county detectives found that the injuries were consistent with the baby being dropped and violently shaken just before her death while chronic injuries suggested previous abuse.

According to CBS Philadelphia, authorities said that Shockley had shown them how he had shaken Rosalie after losing at video games and was mocked by other players. "When the defendant was being mocked by players and his reaction was to severely injure and ultimately murder his own child, that is someone who should not be in charge of a child to begin with," Hogan reportedly said.

Shockley is being held at Chester County Prison. He is not eligible for bail.