Nathan Galvin
Nathan Galvin, 29, has been jailed for 3 years after admitting two assaults on his girlfriend in Ramsgate, Kent. Kent Police

A jealous thug has been jailed after he beat up his girlfriend twice because he feared that her previous lover had a larger penis than him.

Insecure Nathan Galvin, from Ramsgate, Kent, became obsessed with his size of the other man's penis after spotting him at a school reunion.

The 29-year-old quizzed the mother-of-two about whether the man was more endowed and if he gave her more pleasure in bed.

The thug gradually became increasingly upset and attacked his girlfriend of ten months in October last year, pulling her hair, then eight days later he launched a more serious attack which left her bruised from "head to toe".

Prosecutor James Cartwright told the court, according to Kent Online: "The defendant got upset and wanted to know whether the former partner had a bigger penis. He grabbed her hair, pulling out some."

Galvin accused his girlfriend of "perving over" her ex demanding to know whether he performed "better in bed" in a the later 20-minute attack.

Cartwright said the defendant punched his victim in the left ear before throttled her while the victim was saying: "I can't breathe, I can't breathe".

The prosecutor said the attack took place while her children were in the house and only finished when she called a friend to help her.

Galvin was branded a danger to women by Judge Rupert Lowe at Canterbury Crown Court, who told him: "You are a man who has significant problems with women, and a danger to society."

The yob was jailed for three years after admitting two assaults on the first day of his trial where he was also banned from contacting the victim.

The court was told that Galvin had eight previous assault convictions, including four against previous partners and two on his sister.

It was reported that Galvin smirked as he was jailed then made a gun sign with his fingers to his sobbing victim. Galvin was jailed for an extra four months for contempt of court, due to his gesture.