Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar have confirmed that they are trying for another baby after having 19 children, who are aged between five and 27 years.

During a recent interview with The 700 Club, the 49-year-old Duggar patriarch revealed that he is "still trying" for more babies.

"We would love more children. If God saw fit to bless us and give us more, we would welcome them — just be thrilled about that."

"We have also realised that we may not have more, but this year we are having three grand children and I have a feeling it just going to multiply from there," the father of 19 told the show's host.

Watch the video below:

It appears that the 19 Kids and Counting stars cannot get enough of babies in the Duggar household. The latest addition to the family was Israel David Dillard, Jill Dillard's son, who she delivered after enduring 70 hours of labour, but followed it up with a C-section.

Anna, the daughter-in-law of the 48-year-old Duggar matriarch is due to deliver later this summer, while Ben and Jessa Seewald revealed that she has completed her third trimester and is expecting her baby to arrive on their wedding anniversary, which is on 1 November this year.

Michelle had a miscarriage in December 2011. The couple were expecting their 20th child and planned to name the baby Jubilee Shalom.

Their youngest daughter Josie Brooklyn, was born premature at 25 weeks and weighed only a little over one pound. Five-year-old Josie suffered a life threatening seizure during the filming of the TLC reality show last month. And fans of the Duggar family feel that it would be a bad idea for the couple to think of trying for another baby.

"I can't believe they're still trying for another baby, after the death of Jubilee & the issues with Josie. so selfish. how about this woman starts parenting her children [sic]," one fan wrote on the Facebook wall of a fan page that criticises the popular reality show family.

"Why don't they adopt?" another fan wrote adding, "There are plenty of kids without families who need love."

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