Right-wing campaigners in Belgium are causing uproar in the country after offering a tasteless so-called 'burqa bounty' to people who report anyone flouting the law.

Last week riots broke out in Molenbeek in Brussels after a woman was arrested for refusing to take off her niqab (or face veil). Belgian authorities say it's perfectly acceptable for women to sport a head scarf (a hijab) in public. But the country – like it's French neighbours - has in its infinite wisdom decided to ban Muslim women from wearing anything that totally covers the face, the body or both (like the burqa) slapping them with a 150 euro (or £120) fine, if they're caught.

So an outspoken senior member of a right-wing party, Vlaams Belang, has decided to try and capitalise on the unrest and is offering to £200 to anyone who reports a full-veiled woman to police.

"For me, it's not my role to denounce people like that and especially to earn money like that. I prefer to work and earn decent money and not denounce anyone."

"Everyone can do whatever they want when it comes to religious freedom and freedom of speech. Everyone can say whatever they want. This is freedom of speech. He is allowed to say whatever he wants. And these women can wear it, I don't mind. Everyone can do whatever they want. Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, I think both need to be respected."

"I find this proposal stupid. But Filip Dewinter is known for making only stupid proposals. The only way I can react is by giving 2,000 euros to the one who put a burqa on Filip Dewinter. Because we just don't need people like him."

A spokeswoman for Belgium's federal police said if someone felt insulted by it they could file a complaint with the police.

Written and presented by Marverine Cole