Trainee lawyer Sven Badzak, 22, was brutally knifed to death in the streets of Kilburn, North London early Saturday evening. English publication The Sun has offered a £20,000 reward to help the devastated mum find her son's killers, whom she says did it for fun.

Jasna, 49, pleaded for justice in the death of her son, who was brutally stabbed to death allegedly by a gang of eight youths. Sven reportedly headed out of the home he shares with his mother at around 5:40 pm on Saturday. He was on an errand to grab orange juice and a bagel for her before he was brutally and randomly attacked.

"He bumped into a young lad he knew but this gang of eight youths loitering nearby suddenly attacked them. It was motiveless. They took my wonderful son's life for kicks," said Jasna.

Jasna, who was born in Yugoslavia, laments how she now feels the danger of living in the UK despite having escaped her war-torn country to find what her family thought would be a safe refuge. "I used to have a Kalashnikov rifle pointed in my face every day — now I don't feel safe in the UK."

Sven is a trainee lawyer who attended the same prep school as Princes William and Harry. He was raised by Jasna, who made a good life for herself and her only child as a financial analyst. Jasna is also a former Conservative Association chairwoman, and had once introduced Sven to Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

The case has caught the attention of the Prime Minister, and he has said that "What is happening on the streets of too many of our cities is very, very sad." He will reportedly be in touch with Jasna to speak to her about the incident.

Sven's 16-year-old friend, who was also attacked, is in critical but stable condition. He is still undergoing treatment at a local hospital.

As a result of the crime, local police has promised to have more officers patrolling in the area.

The reward for information that might lead to the apprehension of the perpetrators is being offered by UK publication The Sun. For the full terms and conditions, see

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