Grieving mother Gulmaisa Zhakybaeva took her life after her husband forced her to give up custody of their child. 21-year-old Zhakybaeva was found dead in her parents' home in Zharkent in eastern Kazakhstan. Zhakybaeva left a suicide note blaming her husband, Zhanat Kuanyshbaev for her death. Kuanyshbaev is being investigated for inciting Zhakybaeva's suicide.

The English language teacher had been married to the policeman for only 18-months before she was forced to return to her parents' home. Zhakybaeva's parents claim that she had never told them of any hardship she faced in her marriage. The abuse she faced became evident upon her death through the suicide note she wrote.

Her mother claimed that Zhakybaeva's in-laws called her parents to tell them that their son wanted to marry another woman so the young mother should go back to her parents' home. Within a few days, Zhakybaeva turned up at her parents' home because her husband and his family had kicked her out. It is unknown if she returned to her parental home with her son or not.

domestic violence victim
A 21-year-old mother of one killed herself after her husband of 18-months kicked her out of their home and made her give up the custody of their child. Getty Images

In her suicide note, Zhakybaeva wrote that Kuanyshbaev had forced her to sign a document which stated that she "willingly" gave up the custody of her son. She wrote that her husband forced her to sign it so that he could use it in court to gain full custody of the baby.

Zhakybaeva's mother claims that when her daughter returned, she had bruises and burns from a stun gun. She claims that Kuanyshbaev used physical violence against her daughter to make her sign the documents he wanted. The forensics reports, however, do not mention bruises and burns.

The mourning mother hopes that Kuanyshbaev and his father will be punished for pushing Zhakybaeva to the point of suicide. Aidar Abdrakhmanuly, deputy head of the Panfilov District Police Department, assured that the matter is being investigated. Kuanyshbaev is on medical leave as the investigation against him remains ongoing.

The child is now with Zhakybaeva's family. However, they are afraid that Kuanyshbaev might try to take the child away.

For inciting suicide, a person can be imprisoned for up to three years in Kazakhstan, The Sun pointed out.