A 28-year-old woman from the Indian capital New Delhi has alleged that she was gang-raped by at least 23 men.

The woman in her complaint said the incident took place on 25 September when she had gone to Bikaner city in Rajasthan state for some personal work. When she was returning at around 2.30pm (10am BST) and was waiting for transport, she was abducted by two men in a sport utility vehicle, The Hindustan Times reported.

"They drove me around near some mines for several hours and repeatedly raped me in the vehicle," the woman alleged.

She added that the accused then called six more men who also sexually assaulted her.

The first information report (FIR) filed by the woman stated that the men took her to some other place also, where she was raped by as many as 15 men and then thrown by the roadside. She was picked up at around 4am on 26 September, it is not clear by who.

A case against two men who were identified and 21 unidentified men was registered.

In her complaint, the woman said the culprits made calls to two mobile numbers asking more men to rape her. She has also mentioned the registration number of the vehicle.

Rajendra Singh, the investigating officer in the case, said during their probe they found condoms from the spots the woman identified in her complaint. "She has recorded her statement before a magistrate and repeated what she wrote in the FIR," Singh added. The woman underwent a medical examination and the results are awaited.

According to India Today, five men have been arrested so far in the case.

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The woman alleged that the men took her to some other place also, where she was raped by as many as 15 men - Representational image iStock