New York train derailment
There were 600 passengers on the 12-carriage commuter train Twitter

A commuter train has derailed on Long Island in New York leaving 33 people injured. A total of 600 passengers were travelling on the 12-carriage commuter train from Penn to Huntington, when it collided with a maintenance train just after 9pm EDT on Saturday 8 October.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said the trains "side-swiped" one another when the maintenance train somehow ended up alongside the commuter train.

Both trains were heading east when they hit each other, causing the maintenance train to catch fire. The first three carriages came off the track east of New Hyde Park station.

Describing the incident, passengers told local media they saw sparks flying outside the windows as the train began shaking before striking something and grinding to a halt. Images were posted on social media showing the damage on board the trains as the passengers scrambled to safety.

Seven train staff and 26 passengers suffered injuries. Eleven people were taken to hospital with broken bones and concussions but there were no reports of life-threatening injuries.

Train service has been suspended in both directions and efforts are being made to clear the route before the Monday morning rush hour on the busy commuter route, reported The Guardian.

The train derailment comes 10 days after a commuter train smashed into a New Jersey station on 30 September. In that incident, one person was killed and 114 injured including the conductor at the Hoboken terminal.