4chan rubber ducks Isis
Members of 4chan bulletin board are fighting the brutal Islamic State (Isis) with rubber ducks Reuters

Members of bulletin board 4chan have decided to fight the Islamic State (Isis) with mockery, by replacing the militant's images with rubber ducks. The imageboard website's contagious initiative has also found its way in Facebook, Twitter and other social media.

Few days after hackivist collectives Anonymous and Ghost Security Group announced a cyberwar against IS, the creepy users of 4chan have launched their duck offensive, pledging to fight the extremists with humour.

The craze began after a member of the photo-based bulletin board posted a message which read: "How about castrating the image of Isis by replacing the faces on ALL the propaganda photos with bath ducks?"

Reddit was quick to pick up the topic, following which Photoshop masters have been working overtime. In the image-sharing website imgur, the album named "creates the duct state" was viewed by 300,000 times. Hundreds of such duck images superimposed on IS militants have been created since then.