Facetime and window visits were all that Kalishah Holland's parents could afford to give her for three weeks. Amanda Holland and Ryan Holland from Ayr, Scotland are both NHS workers and chose to sacrifice their time with their daughter for her safety. The parents successfully had a happy reunion with Kalishah with the help of her grandparents. While speaking about their reunion, Amanda emphasised the importance of following lockdown rules and the sacrifice front line workers are making.

Amanda and Ryan both work at Ayr Hospital where COVID-19 patients are being treated. The couple realised that they were at high risk of carrying the novel coronavirus home to their daughter. In an effort to keep her safe, the parents took the tough call to isolate away from their child. Amanda's parents agreed to take care of Kalishah and the trio endured the lockdown together.

After watching a video of a young boy in the United States of America reuniting with his police officer father, Amanda decided to surprise Kalishah. The grandparents told the young girl to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) and go out to help her grandfather do some painting work. When she did head out in full PPE, she was met with her parents who were also dressed in PPE.

In the short video of the reunion, the six-year-old can be seen happily running to her parents and giving them a cuddle. By wearing head-to-toe body suits, masks, gloves, and goggles, the family enjoyed the reunion safely.

The 32-year-old domestic supervisor and nursing assistant spoke about how difficult it was for her and her 35-year-old hospital porter husband to spend time as a broken family. After working gruelling shifts, the parents always video called their daughter at night till she fell asleep.

The Sun reported Amanda's statements regarding the people ignoring the lockdown guidelines. She stated that while front line workers are sacrificing for their families, people across the United Kingdom continue to put themselves at risk. While hospital staff are trying their best to keep morale high, the reckless acts of lockdown violators are frustrating for them to witness.

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NHS workers reunited with their daughter after three weeks due to high risk of COVID-19 spread. (representational image) Photo: AFP / ISABEL INFANTES