Warwick Crown Court sentenced Glenroy Barnes to over 12 years behind bars for his attack on an elderly victim. Both Barnes and his victim were walking their dogs when Barnes decided to commit the crime. Barnes grabbed his victim and threw her in a ditch before raping her. He then forced her to walk back to her village with him.

On February 7, the pensioner had taken her dog for a walk to a field near her village in the Rugby area. When she found a young man lying in the field, she decided to turn around and walk back to her home. However, Barnes got up and tried to engage his victim in a conversation. The scared woman tried to avoid Barnes.

The victim's lawyer, Siobhan Collins, told the Warwick Crown Court that Barnes grabbed his victim, pulled her towards a grassy verge, pushed her into a ditch, and then proceeded to rape her. Not only did he use brute force to subdue the woman, but he also threatened to kill her as well.

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an elderly woman was sexually assaulted while walking her dog. REUTERS

Barnes' torment did not end at the sexual assault. He coerced the woman into promising that she would not go to the police. He tried to make the victim walk back to her home with him.

However, when the victim approached the village she collapsed onto the hood of a car. The occupants of the car confronted Barnes before he absconded. Upon seeing the victim's condition, the people in the car took her to their home and alerted the police.

DNA samples and blood found under Barnes' fingernails made it easy for the police to arrest the 27-year-old rapist.

During the first hearing, Barnes had pleaded not guilty. Ahead of his final trial on November 20, Barnes pleaded guilty to rape and sexual assault of his victim.

Barnes' lawyer, Peter Cooper, claimed that Barnes had no recollection of the event. The perpetrator with a criminal record claimed that he was under the influence of alcohol and was not on his attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) medication.

Coventry Live reported the sentencing given by the court. Barnes will serve a 12 year and nine-month jail term with an extended five-year sentence.

Barnes' violent attack caused a hip injury to the victim when she was thrown into the ditch. The attack has left immense mental trauma as pointed out by Kanwal Juss of the Crown Prosecution Service.