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A Spanish woman was attacked by two dogs when she was returning home from mass - Representational Image Justin Tallis/AFP

An 82-year-old woman lost both her legs after she was attacked by two dogs in the Spanish town of Galicia on Sunday (5 November).

Maria Dolores AB from Covelo, Pontevedra was set upon by his neighbour's dogs -- one a pure French mastiff and the other, a boxer cross -- when she was returning home from mass, Euro Weekly News website reported.

Witnesses said the dogs bit Dolores on her lower legs and injured her badly. The woman was reportedly dragged for about 30 metres by the dogs.

She was taken to the Alvaro Cunqueiro de Vigo Hospital. The injury was so serious that the surgeons had to amputate both her legs below the knees. She is still in a critical condition.

The police said that the dogs had escaped from their owner's garden. Authorities have started an investigation into the case.

Juan Pablo Castillo, the town's mayor said, "It is a tragedy that has affected us all." He also said that no issues were reported regarding animals prior to this attack.

The incident has raised questions over whether the breeds which attacked the woman should be considered dangerous or not.

Though the mastiff appears to be on Galicia's dangerous dogs' list, neither it nor the boxer is included on the national list.

According to the Spanish law, dog breeds which are considered to be potentially dangerous like rottweilers, pit bull terriers, and Staffordshire bull terriers, their owners must possess a mandatory licence. The animals must be kept muzzled and on a lead whenever in public, Euro Weekly News reported.