A 90-year-old Australian woman has not only shown that you are never too old to wear a bikini but she has proudly sent her photo in the swimsuit to the shop she bought it from. The shop Lady Watego in Byron Bay in Australia posted the picture on Facebook, causing the picture to go viral with encouraging comments from women of all ages.

Irene Carney bought the red and white retro Seafolly bikini for her cruise after being encouraged by her friends and carers in her nursing home. She then sent a picture of herself with the bikini on the cruise to the shop assistants at Lady Watego.

The shop said on its Facebook page: "The gorgeous 90-year-old Irene on her family cruise wearing her @seafollyaustralia spot on bikini - never too old for a bikini." The bikini set is also available for purchase in the UK.

The post, which received the 'like', 'love' and 'wow' stamp of approval on Facebook, also received several complimentary comments ranging from her nice legs to how brave she was. The shop had on 29 February posted a picture of the bikini that Carney had bought.

Karen Vaughn-Davis said: "Good for her, if our younger women could only feel this secure about their bodies." Another woman, Carol Ralph said: "Loving the attitude of this lady. A great example of loving yourself for who you are. You rock it and are an inspiration to many."

Carney even received encouraging comments from Canada. Etaoine Sridlhu said: "Good for you, lady! I hope someone shows you all the comments so you can see how many people you made smile. Cheers all the way from Canada."

Carney however did receive a negative comment from Roxanne Muchko who said: "COME ON ... call me Debbie Downer but enough is enough. With age we normally gain good sense and self-respect. Neither of those were used by this lady nor her family which probably put her up to it and are going to make money off it on you tube. I feel sorry for this sweet looking very old woman, I feel she is a pawn here.

a gorgeous purchase by 90 Year old Irene ,going on a family cruise! She was encouraged by her friends & carers in the...

Posted by Lady Watego Byron Bay on Sunday, 28 February 2016

"A gorgeous purchase by 90-year old Irene going on a family cruise!" The shop said that they had found the perfect bikini for her. Lady Watego said that Carney was "soooo gorgeous."

Fashion icon Iris Apfel said in an interview with The Telegraph: "The fashion industry doesn't just forget old people, it forgets middle-aged people. The 94-year-old adds: "The fashion industry is youth obsessed, which is totally insane from a financial point of view so I don't feel sorry for them, they brought it on themselves."

She said: "Many top designers will make very, very expensive dresses costing many, many thousands of dollar s that young people can't afford. They make these dresses on 16-year-old bodies that can be purchased by women over 65/75 - those are the women in our country anyhow with the spendable income and the time and money to go shopping and they want to buy beautiful things, but it's very hard to find things that are suitable for them. It doesn't make any sense."