Vizzywig 4K brings 4K video to the iPhone 5s

Apple has just approved a $999.99 app for the App Store, according to PhoneArena. 'Vizzywig 4K' can now be purchased for the 32GB and 64GB Apple iPhone 5s running on iOS 7.

What is so special about it, you ask? With this app, users will be able to capture, edit and distribute 4K videos. However, if you do end up purchasing the app, then it is recommended that you avoid updating your iPhone to iOS8.

This is because the 'Burst Mode' on iOS 8, which snaps pictures at the speed of 10 images per second, does not meet the requirements for the app, according to PhoneArena.

And why is 'Burst Mode' so important? That's because the app captures 4K videos as a series of photographs being shot at 24 images per second. By stitching these photos together, the app creates a 4K video, thus allowing you to edit each individual frame.

Other standard features of the app include the ability to create title slides, scrolling credits and transition effects. However, audio is recorded separately and synced with the video much later.

The developer hopes that the iOS 8 'Burst Mode' limit will get fixed in future builds of the OS, which will allow the app's users to move on to iOS 8.