The Green Pois0n Absinthe tool which can jailbreak the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 has been downloaded one million times since it was released just three days ago.

Released by a group of iOS hackers known as Chronic-Dev team on 20 January, Absinthe is a programme that runs on PC and Mac which can quickly and easily jailbreak the Apple devices, allowing users to install third party applications and make changes to the user interface.

Chronic-Dev claims that Absinthe has been used to jailbreak 491,000 iPhone 4S devices and more than 308,000 iPad 2s. Absinthe has also been used to jailbreak a further 152,000 iPad 2s which had been previously jailbroken with an older program.

The hackers are able to get such accurate figures because the developers of Cydia - the popular app marketplace that comes bundled with jailbroken devices - can accurately say how often the app has been installed.

A tutorial explaining how to jailbreak your iOS device with Absinthe can be found here, but first the International Business Times UK would like to point out that jailbreaking an Apple device can potentially cause irreparable damage if carried out incorrectly, and will certainly void your Apple warranty.

However, jailbreaking is legal and enables any iOS device to run applications not authorised by Apple and lets users change the appearance and user interface of their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

As always, it is vitally important that users follow instructions carefully and only use Absinthe on an iOS device running the 5.0.1 operating system.