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Emily Ratajkowski has delighted fans with her latest Instagram snap, which happens to be a selfie from her teen years.

The 26-year-old model couldn't help but share the flawless throwback close-up from when she was 16, showcasing her perfectly bronzed complexion and trademark full lips.

Ratajkowski, who is now famed for her laid back, natural look, wears heavier makeup in the shot than fans are used to with lined eyes, fluttery false lashes and perfectly groomed brows, while her lips boast a glossy light gloss.

Her fans went wild over the shot, with it garnering over 600,000 likes in less than a day. One excited follower commented: "Absolutely beautiful."

While another said: "wtf I wish I looked that good when I was 16".

A third added: "even perfect isn't the right word to describe u."

The London-born model, who became famous after starring in Robin Thicke's music video for Blurred Lines, has enjoyed newfound success as a swimwear designer in recent months as pieces for her new brand Inamorata have flown off the virtual shelves.

Fully aware that she is the best face and body to promote her new business, Ratajkowski relied on herself to model every design, and her instincts were spot on.


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Speaking to Vogue last year about her latest endeavour, she said: "I grew up in San Diego and I basically wore a bathing suit every day on the beach.

"When I was 16, sometimes I would literally wake up, not put on any clothes, and I'd put on a bathing suit and get coffees and burritos for the day."

She claimed that highlighting a woman's waist was a main priority in creating the pieces, adding: "My waist, and for women in general, that is the thing that you want to accentuate the most, and sometimes it can be really hard.

"In a one-piece, there is nothing that is cinching your waist, so it was important to have something that was flattering in that way."

Emily Ratajkowski
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