"Riverdale" actress Bernadette Beck has opened up about the treatment of her African American character in the show. She believes that her character Peaches and Cream was just there "to fulfil a diversity quota."

Bernadette Beck is not the first actress to slam the show for dismal portrayal of the characters played by African-American actors. In June, Vanessa Morgan, who plays the role of Toni Topaz, revealed she is paid less than her regular white castmates on Twitter.

Beck played the role of a recurring character, a member of pretty poisons, for "Riverdale" season 3 and 4. In a recent interview with Elle magazine, she revealed that her character lacked "developed backstory." "I was made out to be a very unlikable character and therefore, an unlikeable person in people's eyes," Beck told the magazine.

Her character did not only lack a well-developed storyline but also did not have a personality and existed in the shadows.

"I get it, there's always a protagonist and antagonist, but I never had much of a story plot or enough character development to even be considered an antagonist," Beck said. "I was, for no reason, depicted in a very negative, unattractive light. And I'm not the first Black actress to show up on set, stand there, chew gum, and look sassy and mean. I feel like I was just there to fulfill a diversity quota. It's just to fulfill points."

Peaches 'N Cream was enlisted by Cheryl to create a group for her girlfriend Toni after being kicked out of the Southside Serpents. However, her character had fewer dialogues and she feels there was not much thought given to her placement.

"I was completely forgotten in the scene more than once. The director [would] be walking off set and I'd have to chase them down because I had no idea where to stand, what to do—I just hadn't been given any instruction," Beck added. "You can't treat people like they're invisible and then pat yourself on the back for meeting your diversity quota for the day."

Riverdale airs on The CW Wednesdays.

Beck's story comes after Morgan displayed frustration over the unjust portrayal of characters of Afro-American cast members in television and movies. Last month, she took to Instagram and wrote: "Tired of how black people are portrayed in Media, tired of us being portrayed as thugs, dangerous or angry scary people."