Elizabeth Hurley
Elizabeth Hurley posing for the cameras - File photo Getty Images

She is known for her age-defying beauty. Elizabeth Hurley continues to look much younger than her age as evident from a photo she shared with her fans on social media recently.

The 52-year-old, who her fans say is more stunning than most 20-year-old women, is seen posing in an outdoor garden in the picture. Wearing a low-cut white dress, she is seen looking straight at the camera while tilting her head slightly to the right and flaunting her toned legs.

I ❤️ Bombay @elizabethhurleybeach #daisydress

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The Royals star looks "amazing" despite wearing no makeup. She is also seen wearing large dark shades to protect her eyes from the blazing sun.

"I ❤️ Bombay @elizabethhurleybeach #daisydress," the mother-of-one wrote alongside the snap she shared on Instagram, where she boasts over 814,000 fans.

"Beautiful Elizabeth in her dancing daisy dress and how I love the way this dress dances," a fan commented on the picture, while another said, "Hello my friend. Magnificent photo. Fabulous outfit. Stunning smile. Magnificent sexy body. Incredible muscles. Smooth booty Sweet abs. You are beautiful. Stunning. Perfect woman. Have a glorious night sweetie xxx."

"Perfection is difficult to achieve but not impossible for Ms Hurley!!! WOW stunning every time!" an admirer said, while someone else added, "You're in great shape. ME too after working on my regimen for three hours every day for four years now. Keep doing what you're doing."

While she wowed most of her fans with her stunning look, some were offended over the use of the old name of Mumbai city.

"It is not called 'Bombay'. That's considered to be quite rude - 'Mumbai', not Bombay. India is no longer colonised under the tyranny of the British empire, and never will Indians be used as Indentured Labourers or have their resources exploited," an Instagram user pointed out. The person went on to add: "Britain still owes reparations, enjoy Mumbai."

"It is so disgraceful of her to say Bombay, no respect whatsoever, perhaps she is oblivious to past history," another person added, referring to the financial capital of the Asian nation.

It’s a work-from-bed sort of day 😘

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