The American navy officer apparently handled classified documents related to aliens iStock

A retired US navy officer has claimed he saw photographic evidence of aliens during his service. The officer, who withheld his identity, was allegedly aware of extraterrestrial activities including the mass UFO sightings of Rendlesham Forest in 1983.

"I have never seen a UFO or ET or alien, however, I have seen literally tens of thousands of documents confirming they are real and have visited Earth," the whistle-blower told The Express.

The American navy veteran apparently told the UK news outlet that he had handled the classified documents at Naval Air Station Moffett Field from February 1986 to October 1989 and had allegedly seen pictures of extraterrestrials and their flying craft.

"I personally handled, viewed and delivered thousands of documents involving UFO/ET Projects. I would like to share my knowledge in hopes that someone will be able to use it effectively towards disclosure."

He claims that the authorities do not want the general public to learn the truth. "They [the authorities] don't want someone to stir up the pot, and I would never compromise national security or servicemen's' lives, but people deserve to have answers."

Besides, the former naval officer also claimed that he met a senior officer who was deployed in the Rendlesham Forest during the mass UFO and alien sightings.

"He was the one who initially told me about Rendlesham Forest. He came to our air station in 1987. He had been at a communications station north of London for 11 years," the whistle-blower told The Express.

In 2015 July, there were reports that the Ministry of Defence (MoD) was planning to release the British X-Files to throw light on the alien craft rumours of Suffolk.

In 1983, there were some reports claiming aliens were spotted in Rendlesham Forest in Suffolk where US Army personnel were stationed. There were alleged sightings of a strange glowing metal triangle that was "dripping molten metal" and a light like a "huge red eye".

However, local police, who investigated the matter, ruled out any kind of outer world interference in the forest and suggested that the lights could have been from the Orford Ness lighthouse.

The subject of aliens and UFOs has been a big topic of discussion among many. Conspiracy theorists try to clutch on to any evidence to prove the existence of extra-terrestrials, while science has always debunked them.

Recently, Nasa released recordings of unexplained 'music', heard by three astronauts on the Apollo 10 in 1969 while they were on the dark side of the moon and out of range of terrestrial radio broadcasts.