A family from Detroit are sharing an amazing journey as a 15-year-old who was born as a boy makes the transition to becoming a girl - as her birth mother changes gender and becomes her second dad.

Since realising she was born in the wrong body four years ago, Corey Maison has shared her story on Instagram, but found telling her parents hard. "I wanted to make my parents proud of who I am, but I thought that they would not like me," she said.

However Corey has has been supported all the way by her parents. In fact her birth mom Erica gave Cory - then 14 - her first hormones in 2015 in a video which went viral.

In 2016, Corey teamed up with pop duo High Dive Heart on a song to raise awareness about transgender issues, the Detroit Free Press reports. She wrote on Instagram: "I can't believe how far I've come in less than 4 years. I used to hide behind a fake smile, but now all my smiles are genuine. It feels so good to be MYSELF and it feels even better to love myself!"

But Corey's transition was making Eric think hard about his own identity. "When I was younger I used to wish for cancer so I would have to get a mastectomy," Eric told Australia's 60 Minutes, adding that he "hated being pregnant".

Eric realised that he, too, was born in the wrong body and began his own transition, having a double mastectomy, taking testosterone, and changing his name from Erica to Eric. Now he credits his daughter's bravery with giving him the same courage to change sex as well.

"The first feeling was relief, the second was terror," Eric told 60 Minutes. "Fear for what my future would hold, fear for how my family and children would, fear for what the rest of my life was going to look like."

Eric's husband, Les, has vowed to stick by his partner - even though he is now a man. "I fell in love with the person," said Les. "She was beautiful as a woman, but equally beautiful on the inside. As long as Eric is happy with the appearance, Eric will be happy with what's in her brain – or his brain."