Police in the Spanish city of Murcia were shocked after pulling over an overladen car to find a little girl asleep, wedged in amongst the baggage.

Policía Local Murcia‏ said that on the morning of Tuesday 13 February a car was pulled over at the Plaza Castilla because it was excessively loaded and therefore unstable, adding that the vehicle was a risk to road safety.

Authorities added that amongst the belongings inside the vehicle, they found the girl. Images shared on Twitter by the police department showed a car noticably low to the ground with a number of items tied precariously tied to the top.

In the backseats, the car is stuffed to the roof with items leaving almost no room and in the middle the crammed child can be seen in a pink jacket.

Replying to the post, some poked fun at the situation, with one user noting that at least the girl was in a child's car seat - though another mentioned that the seat should have been facing the other direction.

Others questioned the family's situation, Jose Esteban Nicolas wrote asking whether anyone had stopped "to think if they could have suffered an eviction". A number of users added that it was not the only time they had seen cars overladen like the one in the images, with some suggesting it was a common sight in the area.