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A screenshot from Titanfall 2's single player campaign. EA

Since Respawn Entertainment released sci-fi shooter Titanfall 2 last year, players have obsessed over its early gauntlet tutorial, which begs players to run it over and over again in an effort to log a quicker completion time.

The tutorial tests a player's mastery of the game's sliding and wall-running mechanics, and their aim with firearms and grenades. For an impressive time, players need to complete the run quickly while also hitting all the enemy targets.

A sub-40 second time is pretty good going, with a time of less than 33.65 seconds earning players a top three spot on the in-game leaderboard and the "... Becomes the Master" achievement that goes along with that.

The fastest recorded time we can find comes in at 17.8 seconds, which will be tough for anyone to beat. So tough in fact that one player decided to approach the gauntlet in a new way: backwards.

Not only has YouTuber Thoreaufare memorised the course so well he's able to navigate its walls and obstacles blind, he's able to complete the course at speed. Last night (14 March) he shared his initial run on the Titanfall 2 subreddit, registering a time of 34.7 seconds.

Later he managed to best it again, using the speed boost afforded by exploding frag grenades to shave over seven seconds off for a time for 27.1 seconds. Both runs are embedded below.

Respawn was impressed, sharing the initial run to Twitter, as was Respawn CEO Vince Zampella.

Titanfall 2 was overlooked when it launched in October 2016, due its release date falling between Battlefield 1 (bizarrely, another EA-published game) and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

We greatly enjoyed it, saying in our review that Titanfall 2 "boasts the best FPS campaign since [2007's Call of Duty] Modern Warfare".

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