If you love playing with apps on your various Android mobile devices, and better yet, you like getting freebies, then pay attention – Amazon is putting a bundle of 30 popular paid Android apps worth over £100 up for free this weekend.

The internet retail giant has divided the apps it is offering into three categories – Fun and Games, Holiday Planning and Remote Office apps, and of course, these are the apps that are most popular on the Google Play app store.

If you're into your games, you can get titles like Plex, Wedding Dash Deluxe, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, PUZZINGO Puzzles Pro (worth £9.32), Ravensword: Shadowlands (worth £4.25) and much more, all for free.

Some useful remote office apps like OfficeSuite Professional 7 (worth £9.36), My Backup Pro (worth £3.01), Splashtop Remote Desktop HD (worth £5.56), as well as travel apps like Travel Interpreter (£5.99) are also up for grabs.

Head over to the Amazon Appstore bundle section to check out the apps, and remember, they're only available for free on 27 and 28 June if you download them to your Android device using the Amazon Appstore app.