An explosive audio recording reveals Amber Heard admitting to punching Johnny Depp in the jaw as a reaction to him accidentally scraping her toes with a door. However, she says hitting his head with the door was unintentional.

In the leaked audio obtained by Daily Mail, the couple is heard talking about an incident with a bathroom door. Depp said he accidentally scraped Heard's toes while he was trying to close the door three times.

"I opened the bathroom door when you were knocking on it. After a few times I opened and you know, you just kept coming, you just kept going, you just kept going, kept going. I tried to close the door three times, you know, please, please, just do you know," Depp said in the near-three minute audio.

He said he bent down and that was when she kicked the door wide open so it would hit his head. The actress insisted that she did not intend to hit him in the head with the door and that it was an accident.

Depp accepted that Heard may have unintentionally hit his head with the door. But he expressed his disbelief when she later punched him in the jaw.

"And then I stood up and then you f*****g clock me," Depp said, to which Heard said sorry for hitting him in the head and admitted to punching him in the jaw.

"I did mean, I meant to hit you, and I did not do this thing with the door, I do remember, I did mean to hit you," Heard said adding, "Okay. I'm sorry I hit you. I didn't mean to hit you but it was in response. I just reacted in response to my foot. I just reacted and I'm sorry. It's below me."

The leaked audio was reportedly presented to the court during Depp and Heard's divorce deposition in 2016. She claimed the recording was from when she tried to prevent him from getting into a room.

The audio adds incriminating evidence to Depp's defamation case against Heard. In his lawsuit, he alleged that the "Rum Diary" actress was the domestic abuser during their marriage rather than the other way around. It's the second leaked recording where Heard admitted to being physically violent towards Depp.

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp
Amber Heard admits to punching Johnny Depp in the jaw in new leaked audio. Giuseppe Cacace / Getty