Amber Heard continues to receive backlash from netizens after leaked audiotapes of her conversations with ex-husband, Johnny Depp, painted her as the domestic abuser in their marriage.

The actress' recent Instagram post did not escape the anger of the netizens, as seen in the flood of hateful comments. They continue to accuse her of hurting the "Pirates of the Caribbean" star and destroying his image. One user told Heard that she should be "ashamed" of what she has done, while one called her the "most hated actress in the world."

Heard accused Depp of domestic abuse at the height of the #MeToo movement, and a netizen claimed that she took advantage of the campaign for her own personal gain. The user echoed what the actor said in his $50 million defamation suit against his ex-wife.

"Real DV [domestic violence] victims will not be believed because of your actions. You took advantage of other women's pain and suffering," the netizen commented.

In court documents, Depp accused Heard of creating an "elaborate hoax" and her false allegations eventually promoted her career. She "became a darling of the #MeToo movement, was the first actress named a Human Rights Champion of the United Nations Human Rights Office, was appointed ambassador of women's rights at the American Civil Liberties Union, and was hired by L'Oréal Paris as its global spokesperson."

The "Rum Diary" actor reportedly provided 87 video surveillance footages and several eyewitness reports to prove that Heard painted on bruises. Furthermore, the leaked audiotapes provide incriminating evidence that she is the domestic abuser in the relationship. In one of the tapes, she admitted that she becomes physically violent when she is mad, and confessed to hitting and hurting Depp during their arguments.

"I'm so disappointed with Hollywood!! With so many undisputable evidences surfaced with Amber Heard admitted to her own crimes, there's still NO ACTION taken against her!! one fan exclaimed.

It is reported that Depp and Heard made several audio recordings while they were workin on fixing their marriage with a therapist, so more tapes are bound to come out. Yet, the "Aquaman 2" star continues to stick to her allegations that she is the domestic abuse victim and not Depp.

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