AMD has apparently showcased some trendsetting Application Processing Units (APUs) at the Consumer Electronics Show codenamed Trinity. It will be the successor to the high-end A8 Llano APUs and expected to be released later this year.

These tiny APUs comprise four Piledriver cores and expected to consume far less power than the current generation chipsets. It requires only 17 watts to power an Ultrabook using the new APU technology.

Icrontic witnessed a live demo of the new chips, powering two displays and processing media encoding while simultaneously running Dirt 3 at 1080p resolution at 30 FPS. AMD has also revealed that the notebook handling two displays also had an HD YouTube video running on its native display.

The addition of new generation 7,000 series GPU along with the Trinity APUs is set to enhance the graphics performance while also keeping the power consumption to the bare minimum, as against the existing A8 Llano APUs consuming nearly 45 watts on TDP (Thermal Design Power).

In other words, this translates to higher power efficiency even at peak loads. In essence, hard-core gamers could expect optimum graphics performance with reduced heat dissipation.

Quite disappointingly, there is still no word on attainable clock speeds, cost and precise release dates for the product. However, AMD is likely to schedule a release date in mid-2012 to help battle Intel's rising stature on Ultrabook platform.

Meanwhile, watch the cool video on AMD Trinity demo at CES:

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