American Crime finale
American Crime season 1 finale airs tonight at 10pm on ABC Network ABC

The season 1 finale of American Crime airs on Thursday, 14 May at 10pm on ABC Network.

According to reports, in episode 11, the criminal case will come to a shocking conclusion.

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The official synopsis of the season finale released by ABC reads as follows:

In the provocative, heart stopping season finale, the criminal case comes to a shocking close for all those involved as we see each life forever altered by this incident. Charged with emotions and unexpected twists, certain journeys will end while others begin, on American Crime.

In the finale, fans will get to know who is Matt's killer.

In episode 9, fans saw Aubrey (Caitlin Gerard) confess that she killed Matt and shot Gwen, claiming that she did so in self-defence. This proved that Carter (Elvis Nolasco) was innocent this entire time.

But in episode 10, questions were raised on her confession and whether or not she was telling the truth. Aubrey's foster father tried to overturn her confession, claiming that she could never do such a thing, but she did not listen to him.

However, there is a twist here; Aubrey now demands a psychic evaluation to determine if her testimony would be admissible in court and whether she stands fit for trial. While fans can sure smell a rat, what will be Aubrey's endgame is still unclear.

All the mysteries will unfold in the season 1 finale episode that airs tonight (14 May) on ABC.