Taraji P. Henson shared how she is dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic days ahead of her hosting duties for the "American Music Awards" on Sunday. The "Empire" star advised others to look at the positive and "pause and breathe."

The actress admitted that the pandemic has mentally affected her in a way that that made her contemplate about life and death. She said it "affects everyone" regardless of social status.

"There were days where I contemplated life or death. This is something that none of us could ever fathom; we're living, living our best life, and the next thing you know, we all hit a brick wall. It's like the world stopped spinning," Henson said in an interview with Extra TV's Nate Burleson.

"It affects everyone. I don't care how much money you have... For me, I had to pause and breathe and stay in the moment," she added.

The "Hidden Figures" actress said she tries to look at the positive side of things. Being an advocate for mental health, she tries to assure everyone that "we're gonna be okay." She shared that she has a therapist and she organised free COVID therapy sessions for people of colour to help them mentally address the pandemic.

Henson acknowledged that "we have all been awakened to a lot of things in life." She said she had to conquer her fear and look back into a past experience that helped her move on and make a better life for herself and for her son.

"Once I got through the fear... and I just started doing what I have always done... Being a girl from the hood that grabbed up her son and moved to L.A. with $700 in her pocket with all these dreams and hopes and fearlessness, I had to tap back into that," she explained.

As for her hosting duties at the "American Music Awards," Henson said she is looking to bring a lot of excitement and fun to the event. She wants people to unite in the name of music and forget about the COVID-19 pandemic and the U.S. elections.

90th Academy Awards
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