Amphibious Lamborghini
Lamborghini Countach kit-car works as both a car and a boat Paul Cross/eBay

A James Bond-style amphibious Lamborghini Countach has just gone up for sale on eBay for £19,000, less than a Ford Mondeo. The car, which has made many movie and TV appearances, works as both a car and a boat without modification, and comes up for sale after being sat unused for the past 15 years.

Yes, we know Bond has never driven a Lamborghini, and his amphibious car was a Lotus Esprit, but surely you would still be reaching for the dinner jacket and bow tie if this was sat on your driveway. Priced at £18,995, the car incurred an original build cost that was, according to the seller "horrendous", and with a little restoration could be worth over £50,000, they claim.

While not a genuine Lamborghini, the car is a recreation designed to look exactly like the Countach 5000QV of 1998, a car very similar to the one featured in The Wolf Of Wall Street. The body sits on top of a tubular space-frame chassis and the car is powered by a Rover V8 engine. Hydraulic actuators are used to lift the 15in wheels up into the wheel wells when the car is in amphibious mode.

Amphibious Lamborghini
The car is powered by a Rover V8 and could be worth over £50,000 after some repairs Paul Cross/eBay

There is a hydrofoil at the front for stability in the water and when driven as a boat, the car is powered by a twin-propeller system and steered with a conventional rudder. All of these additions are invisible when driven on the road, the buyer says, and there is even a rear-pointing smoke machine for that extra James Bond touch.

Located in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, the car is road legal. Or rather, it was, as the buyer points out a few things that need fixing and replacing before it will pass an MOT. The seats, for example, "have gone AWOL", and despite the engine and clutch working well, the fuel pipes will need replacing, as do the tyres, and the brakes will need a service. Oh, and one of the doors needs refitting along with new wing mirrors and struts to help the doors lift up when opened.

But, these minor issues, aside, the car looks like a Lamborghini and is amphibious. What more could you want?