The right-wing extremist who carried out a bomb and gun massacre in Norway has appeared at the last hearing before his trial.

Anders Behring Breivik, killed eight people with a bomb outside Norwegian government headquarters on 22 July, before crossing to Utoya island and slaughtering 69 teenagers at a Labour Party youth camp.

About 100 relatives of the victims and survivors of the bloodbath attended the hearing in Oslo's district court, which was expected to keep Breivik in custody for another eight weeks while prosecutors prepare a formal indictment.

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Although Breivik admits carrying out the attacks, he denies any criminal guilt, claiming to be a military commander in a far-right resistance movement.

A psychiatric evaluation has found Breivik insane but a public outcry led to a second opinion being sought. Police have not found any trace of the Knights Templar group he claimed membership of.

Breivik released a video on YouTube of himself shortly before carrying out the attacks. He claims to be on a crusade against multiculturalism.

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