Andy Davidhazy took the trip of a lifetime in 2013, travelling more than 2,600 miles on foot along the Pacific Crest Trail through Mexico and up to Canada. He took a photograph of himself every mile that he travelled and has crammed the entire trek into a four-minute time lapse, taking the notion of selfies to a whole new level.

Davidhazy had a number of memorable encounters on his trip. In California, he set up camp in the darkness not realising he had pitched his tent next to a scorpion colony.

By the time he realised this he was too exhausted to move his tent. Fortunately the tent did its job and the intrepid trekker did not find any unwelcome visitors in the night.

He also met bears and deer on his adventure. Towards the end of the journey when he was at Snoqualmie Pass, he walked for 22 miles through a storm and snow to get to the next part of his journey.

When asked about the reasons behind his trip, Davidhazy said he was not doing it for the fun of it. He wanted to accomplish the journey and the selfies were a way for him to increase his commitment and complete the long trek.