Andy Murray revealed his inner dog lover in a video released on 7 July which shows him playing at Wimbledon with five cocker spaniels being trained to become sniffer dogs.

The six-week-old puppies are being raised by the Metropolitan Police and Murray, a self-professed dog lover and a World Wildlife Fund global ambassador, supports the use of sniffer dogs to crack down on wildlife poaching in Nepal, a release from the Wimbledon press office says.

In the video, Murray is shown playing with the puppies on the famous hill within Wimbledon's grounds while they run around him and chew on his shoelaces and fingers.

Eventually one of them seems to bond with Murray and he cuddles it.

"I think this one's ready," he says. "It listens to me."

Police sniffer dogs are used at Wimbledon and Murray said in a statement that he supports their use at the championships and to crackdown on illegal trafficking in wildlife.