A teenage boy in Japan has been arrested on allegations that he dropped a five-year-old girl from the second floor of a sports facility in Hiroshima prefecture.

The victim suffered a broken jaw and other minor injuries from the fall and was undergoing treatment at a hospital. The names of the victim as well as the accused were not revealed as they are minors.

The incident took place on Monday (5 June) evening at Mihara Region Plaza in Mihara city, according to the Japan Times, which quoted Kyodo news agency. The teenager was on his way back home following a visit to a swimming school in the plaza, police said.

The boy allegedly carried the girl from the first floor to the second floor of the building and dropped her from the second-floor landing of the staircase.

The two did not know each other and the motive behind the action was still not clear. However, the 14-year-old reportedly told police during investigation that he was angry at the girl. "She kept clinging onto my legs so I got angry," The Mainichi quoted the boy as telling police.

Earlier, he also told police that he was sorry for the "terrible" thing he did to the girl.

The boy, a third-year junior high school student, faces charges of attempted murder. He was arrested on Monday morning after eyewitnesses and CCTV footage helped identify the accused. The incident was first reported to police by an employee of the sports facility.