Animal Park mass killings
Spanish police found plenty of evidence Guardia Civil


  • Carmen Marin becomes the first person in Spain to be jailed for animal cruelty.
  • She killed thousands of cats and dogs so she could earn money from new arrivals

An disgraced animal sanctuary manager has been jailed for carrying out an unprecedented regime of cat and dog slaughter over a two-year period.

Evil Carmen Marin euthanised 2,200 animals under her care despite claiming not to put pets down at the facility in Costa del Sol, Spain.

She is believed to have killed the animals to make space for new arrivals at the sanctuary, as the local council gave her cash every time she took a cat or dog off the streets.

Experts told a court that she plied the strays with minimal amounts of euthanasia drugs, with no sedation, in order to save money.

It meant they died slow, agonising and painful deaths rather than peaceful ones, Euro Weekly reported.

In some cases, cats and dogs were put in freezers while they were still alive. Spanish police found dozens of cat and dog corpses stashed in rubbish bins and freezers.

Photos taken by the police show animal corpses lined up outside the site in Torremolinos.

Marin denied the charges against her but was found guilty by a court earlier this year. She entered prison on 30 November to begin a three year and nine month sentence.

She becomes the first person to be jailed in Spain for animal cruelty offences. She was also found guilty of forgery and faces additional charges of using the charity's money to fund a luxury lifestyle including expensive travel, fast cars and fine dining.