'Apex Legends' getting its own e-sports tournament
Respawn Entertainment announced that its popular battle royale shooter "Apex Legends" is getting its own e-sports tournament. Photo: Respawn Entertainment

"Apex Legends" Season 16 is slated to start next year bringing with it exciting new content into the game. However, it might also usher in unexpected changes, such as Respawn Entertainment's rumoured decision to per might remove Arenas permanently from Apex Legends once Season 16 launches next year.

Arenas mode in "Apex Legends" seemed like a permanent feature in the game as it has been around for quite some time. However, recent leaks suggest that the game mode might have already run its course and that Respawn is contemplating having it removed starting when Season 16 starts.

Balancing has become an issue for several "Apex Legends" seasons, with some close-ranged weapons and the Hammerpoint Rounds becoming too strong. Respawn tried to make adjustments via several rebalancing, but the fact remains that there is a lack of new content in Arenas mode, according to Afkgaming.

One of the biggest issues is the ranked mode due to the broken matchmaking system making it more difficult to climb the ladder. Many players also noticed a disparity between controller and mouse-and-keyboard and controller inputs, resulting in the highest levels occupied by controller players.

Recent leaks suggest that Respawn will replace the Arenas mode with something new, but it's still unclear if it will be a new game mode. According to the publication, Gun Run and Control have become popular game modes recently. Hence, it is possible that the developer might opt to make one of them an "Apex Legends" permanent mode.

The Arenas will likely be removed in "Apex Legends" Season 16, so players who enjoy the game mode will still have time left to enjoy it to their heart's content. It has been known that some players only exclusively play Arenas as they view it as the best game mode for completing seasonal challenges.