Appe iPhone Release Date Countdown: All Evidence Points to Disappointment with the iPhone 4S, Not iPhone 5
With Apple's iPhone media event just hours away, evidence has emerged indicating Apple fans may be disappointed, with it looking like Tim Cook will unveil the modified iPhone 4S, not the next-generation iPhone 5. MacRumors

With Apple's iPhone show and tell just hours away, evidence has emerged indicating Apple fans may be disappointed as Tim Cook unveils a modified iPhone 4S, not the next-generation iPhone 5.

The Evidence

Most recently, adding to the now mountain-sized rumour pile surrounding Apple's iPhone event, reports emerged Monday that Vodafone had once again leaked information indicating Apple planned to unveil a modified version of its iPhone 4, not its next-generation iPhone 5, at headquarters in Cupertino, Calif.

The leak was first reported by the German site It reported had begun listing both black and white versions of the iPhone 4S on its site. Specifically the site lists the device in both black and white and with 16GB, 32Gb and 64Gb versions.

The "leak" added to a number of reports suggesting Apple plans to unveil a reworked version of its iPhone 4. Following confirmation of Apple's event, some of the most high-profile leaks emerged from 9to5Mac's mysterious "Mr X."

Mr X alleged Apple had added a number of new entries for revised iPhone 4 and iPod touch devices to its internal inventory database.

9to5Mac subsequently reported that Apple had updated its inventory list to include two new codes very similar to the company's current iPhone 4. It went on to argue that the new codes suggested Apple was set to unveil a new low-end version of its iPhone 4 -- commonly referred to by the world's media as the iPhone 4S.

Apple are yet to release any details regarding its next iPhone device.

Which iPhone?

All the rumours centre around the growing speculation regarding whether Apple will release a next-generation iPhone 5 or a modified version of its current iPhone 4

The speculation began earlier in 2011 when a number of media sites "leaked" -- most citing unnamed sources -- a series of internal product codes similar to those of Apple's current iPhone 4. Most recently "Mr X" added to these rumours, purporting to have discovered the code names in Apple's internal inventory.

The first code, the N90A, initially led to speculation that Apple was making no additions to its current iPhone. Common consensus regarding the currently fictional device suggested Apple would instead strip the phone down, making it only contain 8GB of internal storage.

The second "leaked" code, the N94, received far more attention. Commonly referred to by the world's media as the iPhone 4S, speculation suggests the device will house a modified 3.5 inch screen, be powered by the iPad 2's current A5 processor and boast 1GB of RAM.

Despite the growing amount of evidence suggesting Apple's next iPhone will be the iPhone 4S, a number of more hopeful commentators have continued to suggest Apple will release a truly next-generation successor to its current iPhone 4. Predictably labelled the iPhone 5, its specs remain vague and change rumour to rumour.

Apple is yet to release any formal information regarding either device. A live feed covering the unveiling can be viewed here.