Apple has always come up with revolutionary technology in its products. Speculation is rife about its upcoming iOS devices, features and their release date. Not surprisingly, tech fans are trying hard to speculate on the features of the iPhone 5.

The features of iPhone 6 are making their rounds too. Probably, Apple is planning to introduce something different which is innovative in its iOS devices. The interesting feature that could make its debut in the upcoming iOS devices is 3D Imaging camera.

According to Patently Apple, the tech giant has filed a patent to introduce 3D imaging camera which will be applicable to both photography and video. According to the site, two depth-detection sensors such as LIDAR and RADAR will be used in the latest cameras. In addition, Laser will be utilised which will generate stereo disparity maps in creating 3D imagery and superior colour accuracy can be obtained by making use of enhanced chrominance and luminance sensors.

Apple's iOS Devices to Feature Supreme 3D Imaging Camera?
3D Imaging Camera: Patently Apple

Apple will be the first one to introduce the killer 3D camera feature in the tech world. While, the new iPad's ultimate Retina display gives Apple an edge over the competition. The latest 3D imaging camera will enable to view the 3D images and videos which could be best experienced on the Apple's Retina display.

According to Patently Apple, it is reported that the camera will make use of micro lenses which will subfilter the focus on polarized light. Moreover, the amazing 3D cameras could bump up with the features like facial recognition and facial gesturing recognition. It could recognize the facial gestures like smiling, grimacing, frowning, and more.